On Grid Kit 24 Panel Enphase with Tracker

Original price was: $32,000.00.Current price is: $28,599.00.

24 - Tier 1 Solar Panels with 25 year warranty 330-440Watt

2- Solar Time Trackers with 180 degree actuators East to West and North to South Heavy Duty Solar Mount - 10 year warranty

24 - Enphase IQ7A 366w Micro - Inverters 25 year warranty

1 - Enphase IQ Combiner Box with Envoy - Can remote monitor the system and check each individual panels productions

24 - Enphase IQ Trunk Cables for easy wiring This kit is Grid Tie only but can be set up to add Enphase Batteries for backup! Estimated production 40-60kWh per day figured at 37 degree latitude.

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